Happy and Scaring Halloween in Monte Aventino School

Halloween 2014

Halloween 2014

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16 october 2014 – Day Food – Happy Monte Aventino School


On the 17th October, Monte Aventino school invited parents and guardians to attend the closing session of the HEALHTY FOOD WEEK.

Under the topic EAT WELL, BE WELL, the students have selected healthy food recipes, have drawn a regional gastronomic map, have illustrated the topic WE ARE WHAT WE EAT, as well as they have assembled a giant food wheel.

Finally, in the afternoon, they prepared fruit juices and fuit brochettes, at the same time socializing with their parents and showing them how they have worked and what they have learned throughout the whole week.


No dia 17 de outubro a escola de Monte Aventino convidou os pais e encarregados de educação dos seus alunos para o encerramento de uma semana dedicada à alimentação. Sob o tema “Eat well, Be well”,  os alunos selecionaram receitas de alimentação saudável, construiram um mapa com a gastronomia regional, ilustraram o tema “We are what we eat” e montaram uma roda de alimentos gigante.

Na tarde do último dia prepararam sumos naturais, espetadas de fruta e conviveram com os pais, mostrando também todo o tipo de trabalho realizado e os ensinamentos colhidos durante a semana.”

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Building our Solar System

There came the day when we started to study about our Solar System and meet all the planets in it. Our favourite one – Earth, of course, because we live on it. But getting to know the other friends of Earth was a great challenge.

Especially, when you have to build them up! So, we combined creative recycling with science and guess what we created? 8 beautiful planets made up of old newspapers. We painted them afterwards and now they are waiting for us to order them in out own Solar System.

The workshop was fun, because we know how to learn and have fun in the same time!


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World Book Day

World Book Day Fest

Where to celebrate such a great day if not in a classroom? 

We entered the magnificent realm of the writers and imagine to be a writer for a day. What story would I write? What title would I choose? What cover would I draw for my book? So, we let go our imagination and started to create titles, stories, covers.

A great exercise of creativity! Be the writer of the story you would like to read!

We saw funny stories, adventure ones, stories about animals, fantasy and dreams coming true.

Come with us to the realm of magic and meet some of the youngest writers!


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When children have creativity they build beautiful things together. Our result for today is our first edition of our first newspaper.

It was hard, but we won and so the “EnglishKids” was born.

First, the name, then the logo and then learning how to write the news. The result is fabulous and you will see it soon in your homes.

Image   Image  Image ImageIMAG3130

 We are proud to be the first in our school to create a newspaper and we hope our colleagues will follow our example. The newspaper will soon be delivered to your house by your children and have the opportunity to enjoy our work.

And remember..our eyes and ears are open for new things that we can write about!

Waiting for news,


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Means of transport

Every new subject we learn is connected to each other. We discover life on Earth through the human body, then through plants and animals and learn how food travels in the world.

Learning about food chains is a great adventure for the 3rd year, as it is for the 2nd year to learn about the means of transport.

We travel every day to school so we must know how we do it or how can we do it. We got to know the main means of transport so we started to work on that.

Learning about cars, buses, bikes, planes, hot air balloons is fun . Then , we learn about where they travel : on land, on or under the water and even in the air.

But the best part is when you built yourself a mean of transport and put the pieces all together.

Look how it looks like!


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Understanding nature

Understanding nature.

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